We've just released some new cool stuff

right in time for Xmas!

White and terracotta minimalist Porcelaine earrings and Platre brooches for a cool twist on a winter coat.

What's that about?

Our jewels are delicate and fragile sculptures.
Our intention is to set their value in the attention and the care you’re providing them. Like it should always be, about everything.

At Pltre we care about creating unique pieces with simple materials, even if it implies they will require great care as they are super delicate and artisanal. We are very keen on not using plastic for our unique shapes. Plaster and cold porcelain (cellulose fibers) are the main materials we're working withe. They don't require additional energy to shape and are very versatile to work with. 
We like to keep our shapes pure and statemental. No piece is like another.

All our production extremely small and handmade in Brussels.

delicate angles

IMG_1815 (1).jpg

delicate curves

Please always wear with great care.

no contact with water

no dropping

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